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Model 900L: The Model 900L will answer a telephone line with your message.  The message is user recorded and can be up to six minutes in length.  The message is retained without power or batteries.  The 900L is great for information lines, movie/theatre announcements, weather or sports lines or to advertise your business products and services.  It is all-digital with no tapes and your message can play thousands of times without any loss in quality.

Model 908: This is a compact flash based digital message repeater and audio message player.  It is ideal for message on hold, museums and other applications requiring long high quality audio messages.  By storing your message in a plug-in compact flash module the Model 908 can retain it's message without power. Message length of over 30 minutes is available. 

Model 1200EL: The 1200EL will answer a telephone line and play the messages you have recorded in the unit.   Messages in the 1200EL can be changed remotely with the telephone remote record option.  The Model 1200EL can record up to twelve minutes of audio in one to nine messages.  By  storing your recordings in digital memory the 1200EL will play your message thousands of times with no loss in quality. 

Model 1203EL: The 1203EL will answer three telephone lines with the same message.  Each caller will hear the message from the beginning.  The Message in the 1203EL is record with a microphone or with the telephone remote record option.  The Model 1203EL can record up to six minutes of audio and will play your message thousands of times without loss in quality. 

Call Catcher:  This product will answer inbound telephone calls, play a custom message and place the caller on-hold when everyone is too busy to pick up the telephone. The Call Catcher is equipped with a digital record/playback circuit that can allow anyone to record an informative message up to 3 minutes in length.

Model 1700X: The RACOM Model 1700X is a high capacity multi-line message announcer. The 1700X can hold up to forty-eight minutes of audio and six audio lines. All audio lines are independent of each other, so the same message can be played on all lines at any time from start to finish. By using variable-slope delta modulation and selectable sampling rates the Model 1700X will record and play high quality audio.

Marketeer:  Are you tired of repeating exactly the same greeting or marketing   message to every person who calls or whom you call? Let the Marketeer play a personal greeting or informative message to every inbound or outbound caller. You can even listen to the caller, but they can't hear you.

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