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Digital announcer and audio message repeater products for message on hold, museums and other applications where a high quality audio message is required. 





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Model 900S: RACOM'S Model 900S is a small digital audio announcer, message repeater and audio message player.  The message in the 900S is user recorded and the model 900S will retain it's message without power and will never lose it.  Message length up to six minutes is available.  Easy to record, easy to use, perfect for alert, warning, museum and alarm message applications.

Model 908: This is a compact flash based digital message repeater and audio message player.  It is ideal for message on hold, museums and other applications requiring long high quality audio messages.  By storing your message in a plug-in compact flash module the Model 908 can retain it's message without power. Message length of over 30 minutes is available. 

Model 1200ES: Promote your products and services by playing your personally recorded message to every client you put on-hold! RACOM'S Model 1200ES is the perfect unit for music on-hold applications. The Model 1200ES can store up to 12 minutes of audio in digital memory and retain the audio without power or batteries. Never worry about your tapes wearing out again!

Model 1700X: The RACOM Model 1700X is a high capacity multi-line message announcer. The 1700X can hold up to forty-eight minutes of audio and six audio lines. All audio lines are independent of each other, so the same message can be played on all lines at any time from start to finish. By using variable-slope delta modulation and selectable sampling rates the Model 1700X will record and play high quality audio.

Model 1700XCLK: The RACOM Model 1700XCLK is a multi-message digital audio message repeater with a real time clock which controls message playback.  It will play messages at pre-set times and days. Message may set repeat at intervals of up to once a week.  The 1700XCLK can hold up to forty-eight minutes of audio.

Model 1700XMR: The RACOM Model 1700XMR is an Externally Selectable Multi-Message Repeater or alarm announcer. The 1700XMR can store up to 36 audio messages ,in digital memory, each with a corresponding selection terminal. Signaling one of these terminals will cause the appropriate message to play. Custom designed 1700XMR units can be made to fit your   specific needs!

Auto Talk:  Suitable for trade shows, museum exhibits, product showrooms or anywhere a message needs to be verbally conveyed to the public automatically.  The Auto Talk is equipped with a built-in motion sensor and a digital record/play device.

Info-Phone: This product is ideally suited for point-of-purchase displays, trade shows, museum exhibits, show rooms or anywhere a message needs to be verbally conveyed to the public.

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