Station Identifiers


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Racom Products manufactures many voice station identifier, Morse code transmitter identification, system identifier, message repeater, digital announcer and feedback elimination models.



MODEL 701: RACOM'S Model 701 Morse code identifier is an inexpensive way to identify your radio station's call sign. Four distinct operating modes make the Model 701 versatile and easy to use. It's many programmable features are programmed by a personal computer or at the factory. All  RACOM'S station identifiers comply with all FCC regulations concerning station identification.

MODEL 1402: The Model 1402 has been replaced with the model 1214V.  The 1214V identifies a transmitter or radio system in voice rather than Morse code.  It is the same size and has all the same functions as the 1402.

MODEL 1214V: The Model 1214V is similar to the 1402 except that it uses  voice identification rather than Morse code.  This means that anyone can understand the identification message.   The 1214V stores the user's voice identification message in digital memory.   The message may be up to one minute in length and is retained during a power failure. This unit can be recorded and programmed in the field with the on-board switches. Three activity monitors make sure that the 1214V does not identify over any transmission already in progress.  The 1214V can be used in a verity of special applications where  transmitting an audio alert message is needed.

Emergency and informational message broadcasting

RACOM PRODUCTS can provide telephone to transmitter interfaces for emergency and informational message broadcasting.  This is done by combining features of our station identifiers with our audio message repeaters.  We can provide both recorded and live message transmission with telephone remote control and record. 

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