Description and Specifications of Info-Phone:

"Pick Up The Handset and Hear an Informative Message About Products and or services"

infoph3.jpg (11459 bytes) The Info-Phone automatically plays a custom message everytime someone removes the handset from the cradle. The message always starts from the beginning and will repeat as long as the handset is off-hook. The internal digital record/play device is capable of recording a message of up to 90 seconds in length.

The message can be easily changed in the field as often as required. The audio is stored in analog form and is retained in memory indefinitely without the use of batteries or external power. Info-Phone also features accidental record protection.


  • Automatically starts message from the beginning when the handset is removed from the telephone cradle
  • Excellent sound reproduction
  • Nonvolatile EEPROM memory
  • Wall Plug transformer included

The Info-Phone as shown here has been replaced with the 900S.

It functions in the same manner as the Info-Phone but needs an external handset.

  Please call us at 800-722-6664.


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90 Seconds