Description and Specifications of LP2816D


The Dual Tone Loop Extender bridges the target line at a remote location and is connected back to the DNR by a leased  line. The LP2816D can be operated with a wet or dry leased line.

The LP2816D will report on/off hook status, ring signals, pulse/ DTMF dialed telephone numbers and will pass audio and call progress tones with its' dual tone signaling encoder.



Size 2.8 X 2 X 1
Weight 7 Ounces
Target Line Loading DC-10 Mohm
Audio Sensitivity -25 dBm to -3 dBm
Frequency Response 300-4000 Hz
Distortion <5 % THD
Off-hook threshold Adj. 5 to 55 volts
Power -20 to -55 volts from Leased Line
Dual Tone Freq. 852 & 1633 Hz
DTMF "C" tone
Audio Output -4 dBm
Tone Output -4 dBm