Dialed Number Recorder

Description and Specifications of Racom 2816D:


"Quality, Performance & Dependability"

The Racom 2816D DNR can simultaneously monitor all call activity on up to six target lines and provide wire tapping capabilities.

For each intercepted call, the 2816D will display and print a detailed call record. The 2816D is available with the optional call buffer and optional leased line and dial-up slaves. Once installed, the unit is fully automatic and requires a minimal amount of attention. The 2816D Dialed Number Recorder is reliable, rugged and used exclusively by Government law enforcement agencies around the world.


Standard Features:

  • Monitors call activity on up to six target lines simultaneously
  • Real time display of system or individual line information
  • Internal printer creates a hardcopy indicating all line activity including: date, time, length & telephone number
  • Separate minimized audio outputs with cassette recorder control for each line
  • Headset jack & Volume Control
  • Programmable target number alarms will auto-activate unit
  • Two level password protection
  • Built-in interface for leased line slave per line

Available Options:

  • Leased Line & Dial-Up slaves
  • Internal dialer for dial-up slave
  • Call Progress Tone Detection
  • Caller Identification (Class)
  • RS232 out with 1K call buffer