callcat.jpg (8184 bytes)The CALL CATCHER is an auto attendant that will answer a telephone, play a message and then place the caller on hold. Racom products makes digital announcers, message repeaters and feedback eliminators. Custom modifications are available on most models. 

Description and Specifications of The Call Catcher:

"Imagine Calls Answered Automatically and Placed on Hold"

The Call Catcher will answer inbound telephone calls, play a custom message and place the caller on-hold. It also can announce office hours, answer frequently asked questions, or can simply be used to promote your business or services. The message always starts from the beginning and can be easily changed and up dated in the field as often as required. The custom audio message is stored in analog format and retained in memory indefinitely without the use of batteries or an external power source.  The CALL CATCHER has an internal ring generator.



  • Automatically places caller on-hold
  • Message can be recorded any time
  • Excellent sound reproduction
  • Up to 3 min. message time available
  • Wall plug power supply included


Part Number

Message Time


20 Seconds


1.0 Minute


2.0 Minutes


3.0 Minutes

Many Other Models Available