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MODEL 908MHD, 908LD & 908SD

The 908 is a compact flash based digital message repeater or audio message player for message on hold and other applications requiring long high quality audio messages.

The 908MHD is configured for message on hold applications.

The 908LD will answer a telephone line and play your message to the caller. 

The 908SD will play your message with a push of a button, with the timer or as movement is detected with the option motion detector. 

"Plays Your Message Continuously, on Command or with Internal Timer"
Applications Features
bulletStore casting
bulletMuseum exhibits
bulletInteractive displays
bulletAlarm announcing
bulletSelf guided tours
bulletPublic address systems
bulletAnywhere a repetitive message is needed!
bulletAutomatically plays message from "Compact Flash*" plug in module
bulletExcellent sound reproduction - 50Hz to 12KHz 
bulletRecord message with a PC onto the C.F. module
bulletMessage is retained without power or batteries
bulletRepeats message continuously or at user selectable times
bulletPlay message when some walks by with the optional motion sensor
bulletMessage length of up to seventy five minutes
bulletSpeaker and line level outputs

            CompactFlash is a trademark of SanDisk Corp.

The announcer that never loses its message!
Never worry about tape wear again!
With digital recordings, your message never "wears out". Messages can be played thousands of times with no loss in fidelity. Our solid state construction allows worry-free operation.
Never Lose Messages Again!
By storing your recording in a C.F. module the Model 908 is able to hold your message for years without power or batteries! Great for areas or applications that may experience frequent power loss!

Ordering Information

Part Number 



Message-on-hold with


Up to 10 minutes of message time for-message on-hold


Up to 5 minutes of message time for switch activated messages


Switch activated message up to 10 minutes in length


Answers the phone with a message up to 5 minutes in length


Telephone line answer and play up to 10 minutes long

- Custom-made units available - dealers welcomed -
- made in the USA -
Additional specifications about the Model 908


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For sales info please email Racom Products

Please call toll free: 800-722-6664 or 216-351-1755   
Fax: 216-351-0392


Racom Products

5611 State Rd #34324,  Cleveland, OH 44134

Email: info@racominc.com

Last updated on  11/27/13