Telephone Line Answering Digital Message Announcer (Answering machine) that is small and low cost. It will play your six minute message to callers.  

900l.jpg (7445 bytes)  MODEL 900L

Telephone Line Answering Digital Announcer (Answering machine)

The 900L will answer a telephone line and play a user recorded audio message up to 6 minutes long.

"Answers a Telephone Line and Plays your Message"
Applications Features
  • PBX/ACD announcements
  • Weather/sports lines
  • Giving office hours
  • Hotel wake up calls
  • 900/800 Service
  • Movie/Theater announcements
  • Answering frequent questions
  • Offices needing message-on-hold and night answer
  • Advertise on you caller information lines - It pays!
  • Message length of  up to Six minutes
  • Recording is effortless while announcing is automatic
  • Stores message in digital EEPROM
  • Message is retained without power or batteries
  • Unit will answer phone line on 1st, 3rd or 5th ring
  • Speaker and line level outputs
Never Lose
Messages Again!

By storing your recording in an
EEPROM, the Model 900L is able to
hold your message for years without
power or batteries! Great for areas or applications that may experience frequent power loss!
The announcer that never loses its message!
Optional hook flash for call transfer

Custom-made units available
Dealers welcomed
Made in the USA

Ordering Information

Part Number 

Message Length


Up to 1.0 minute


Up to 2.0 minutes


Up to 3.0 minutes


Up to 4.5 minutes


Up to 6.0 minutes


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Additional specifications about the Model 900L