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  Digital message repeater or message player - will play your six minute message as needed. 

        MODEL 900S - Digital Message Repeater

This is a digital audio message player and repeater which is push button, timer or motion activated.

The 900S will play a user recorded audio message up to 6 minutes long as needed.

"Plays Your Message Continuously, on Command or with Internal Timer"
Applications Features
  • Message-on-hold
  • Storecasting
  • Museum exhibits
  • Interactive displays
  • Alarm announcing
  • Self guided tours
  • Public address systems
  • Anywhere a repetitive message is needed!
  • Recording is effortless while announcing is automatic
  • Stores message in digital EEPROM
  • Message is retained without power or batteries
  • Repeats message continuously or at user selectable times
  • Play message when some walks by with the optional motion sensor
  • Message length of up to six  minutes
  • Speaker and line level outputs
The announcer that never loses its message!
Never worry about tape wear again!
With digital recordings, your message never "wears out". Messages can be played thousands of times with no loss in fidelity. Our solid state construction allows worry-free operation.
Never Lose Messages Again!
By storing your recording in an EEPROM, the Model 900S is able to hold your message for years without power or batteries! Great for areas or applications that may experience frequent power loss!

Ordering Information

Part Number 

Message Length


Up to 1.0 minute


Up to 2.0 minutes


Up to 3.0 minutes


Up to 4.5 minutes


Up to 6.0 minutes

 Custom made units available   -   Dealers welcomed   -   Made in the USA

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Additional specifications about the Model 900S