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1700x3.jpg (8929 bytes) MODEL 1700X
"Independently Answer Six Telephone Lines or Audio Circuits and Play Multiple Messages to the Caller"
Applications Features
*High capacity telephone message announcing

* Random access message announcing

* Weather, sports and news information lines

* Security and alarm announcing

* Public Opinion polls by telephone

*Designed for any application requiring a message(s) to be delivered repetitiously without failure

  • Digitally record your audio
    messages - no maintenance,
    moving parts or tapes
  • On-site recording with handset, microphone or any line level audio
  • Remote record allows the user to
    change messages from any
    touch-tone telephone
  • Up to 48 minutes of
    record / playback time
  • Up to 6 lines or audio channels per
    unit. Units can be linked together for
    more lines
  • Announcements / messages are
    protected with battery backup
  • Messages are played from the
    beginning. The unit is not a
    "barge-in" system
  • Each line activates and plays a
    message regardless of activity on
    other lines
  • One to six messages can be played
    out any line or combination of
Never worry about tape wear again!
Announcements are stored in digital memory and can be played thousands of times without wear or loss in fidelity.
Natural sounding audio
The 1700X incorporates continuously Variable-Slop Delta Modulation with
selectable sampling rates to offer high
quality record and playback audio.
Custom made units available - 

Dealers welcome

Made in the USA

RACOM'S innovative thinking brings you the quality you need with the performance you desire at the price you want!

Additional specifications about the Model 1700X

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