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The model 1402 Identifies a radio transmitter or station in Morse code and can
be programmed with internal switches.

"Automatic Transmitter or Station Identifier"
Applications Features
  • Radio and TV stations
  • Business radios
  • Public safety or local government
  • Local or remote controlled stations or repeaters
  • Paging operations
  • Marine applications
  • Amateur radio stations
  • Automatic, Reliable
  • Call sign is set with switches (up to 12 characters) or by personal computer (up to 60 characters
  • Sine wave output tone improves performance of systems with signaling tones
  • Programmable interval timer, monitor delay, code speed and tone frequency
  • Four modes of operation
  • Program by personal computer or at factory
  • Two timers and three activity monitors prevent identification when station is in use
  • All features and modes of operation comply with all FCC regulations
The Model 1214V identifies in voice rather than Morse Code.  The voice call sign is user recorded and can be up to 1 minute in length.  Plus all the features of the standard 1402!
Custom-made units available
Made in the USA
Dealers welcomed

The model 1402 has been replaced with following models

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701 & 701B

Morse code Station Identifier


Voice Station Identifier

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