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Digital announcer with up to 12 minutes of record / play  time, remote record and one, three, six or nine messages.

"Answers the Telephone Line and Plays your Message to the Caller"
Features Applications

*Digitally records your audio message in EPROM memory- no tape, moving parts or maintenance

*Up to twelve minutes of record / playback time and 6 messages

* Automatically answers the telephone line and plays your recorded message to the caller

* Remote Record allows the user to record new messages remotely using a standard touch tone telephone (Optional).

* Answers on the first to seventh ring (user selectable)

* On-site recording from microphone or directly from tape

* EPROM memory retains the message with batteries or power

*Three Message or Message-On-Hold / Night Answer versions available.

  • PBX/ACD announcements
  • Weather/sports lines
  • Giving office hours
  • Hotel wake up calls
  • 900/800 Service
  • Movie/Theatre announcements
  • Answering frequent questions
  • Offices needing message-on-hold and night answer
  • Advertise on your caller information lines-It Pays!

RACOM'S innovative thinking brings you the quality you need with the performance you desire at the price you want!

Custom-made units available, Made in the USA

The RACOM Model 1200EL with option "D" functions as a message-on-hold system during normal business hours. Flip a switch as you leave for the night and the 1200EL answers incoming calls with a separate "night" message.

Never worry about tape wear again!
With digital recordings, your message never "wears out". Messages can be played thousands of times with no loss in fidelity. Our solid state construction allows worry-free operation.

Takes minutes to install.
Audio inputs/outputs are all phono or 1/8" jacks. All other functions are accessed through a standard modular telephone jack. This allows for quick, hassle-free installation.

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Phone: 800-722-6664  or  Email: info@racominc.com

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