MODEL 1200FE  Feedback Eliminator

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"Works with your Paging or Public Address (PA) System"

The RACOM 1200FE digitally records
a page from a paging station or
telephone line and plays it back when the station is deactivated, thus eliminating any feedback from nearby speakers.


  • Eliminates paging system feedback
  • Allows high volume setting on the PA system amplifier
  • Record page from a telephone line (optional)
  •   Installs between paging station and PA amplifier
  • Provides an attention getting pre-page alert tone
  • Automatically plays page once or twice
  • Unit will hold the page while live or priority pages are in progress
  • Record up to two minutes
  • High quality and natural sounding
  • Solid state electronic design
    no maintenance required
Custom-made units are available
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