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"Works with your Simplex or Duplex Radio System"

The RACOM model 1200RPT digitally records
a message from a radio receiver and then rebroadcasts the message over the radio system when the frequency is clear.


  • Store and forward type operation
  • Record is contact closure, C. O. R. or V. O. X. activated
  • System activity monitor inhibit input with timer
  • Solid state transmitter keying lead
  • Audio input is 600 ohms transformer coupled for hum and noise elimination
  • Audio output is 600 ohms unbalanced or high impedance.
  • Provides an attention getting pre-message alert tone
  • Automatically plays message once or twice
  • Unit will hold the message while live or priority messages are in progress
  • Records up to two minutes
  • High quality and natural sounding
  • Solid state electronic design
    no maintenance required
Custom-made units are available
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made in the USA
For station identifiers please see our 700 and 1402 models.
RACOM offers a complete line of
Digital Announcers
Additional specifications about the Model 1200RPT